CryptoSecurities Exchange Seeks to Create World’s First SEC-Registered Blockchain-Based National Securities Exchange

The Digital Movement to Eliminate Fraud and Simplify Access to Public Capital for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. A self-regulating, totally transparent, code-regulated, blockchain-based National Securities Exchange signed up with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. That’s the vision of the group at CryptoSecurities ® Exchange LLC. In just a couple of brief months, they have signed up with the SEC as a Regulation D Exempt Offering, signed up with FinCEN as a Registered Money Services Business, protected a lobbying company in Washington DC to pursue a collaboration with the United States federal government, maintained a worldwide tax law practice to guarantee IRS compliance, and remain in the procedure of developing a SuperPAC to press their program in the United States Congress. What’s the distinction in between our existing securities trading exchanges and a blockchain-based exchange? Gain access to, expense, speed, and openness. Today, the $1.7 trillion market of non-prescription (OTC) openly traded business has purposefully opted to not be traded on among the significant tradition exchanges. Why? Because of the excessive expense. Brokers, clearinghouses, legal custodians, and the exchange itself all want a cut of every deal.

Even worthy brokers like Robinhood do not enable financiers to prevent the clearinghouse charges, exchange charges, and the antiquated 3-5-day waiting period for settlement. To make matters more troublesome, the incidents on Wall Street have led to overreaching securities guidelines that unintentionally avoid business owners and start-ups from accessing public capital. Business owners have needed to turn to presales of conceptual items as a backdoor to raising capital on websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Websites like StartEngine have not met their complete capacity because the financier base of these kinds of platforms are strictly restricted to allow only certified financiers, which are people that make more than $200,000 each year or have more than $1m in properties not including their home. That gets rid of almost the whole public and ruins the crowdfunding capability of the platform.

CryptoSecurities Exchange (CSX) is the service. CSX will be an authorized nationwide securities exchange with the SEC. Running under the state of Delaware’s new cryptosecurities law, which enables stock to be digitized and moved digitally through a dispersed investor register in a blockchain-based personal network, CSX looks for to digitize the investor signs up of every OTC company in the United States for no charge. More notably, CSX will be dealing with previous SEC regulators and forensic auditors to develop a network that has all existing securities laws and guidelines constructed into the code structure. By coding our existing laws into the network, legal compliance will be automated.

What does this mean? Business owners and start-ups not need to speak with securities lawyers. Brokers will be a distant memory. Clearinghouses will not be required. Legal custodians will not be required. The CSX online trading platform will straight link financiers with business owners, small companies, and business throughout the United States. A self-regulating, totally transparent, code-regulated, blockchain-based nationwide securities exchange for Main Street; not just Wall Street.